jordan 3 mens proSPORT Yellow Bifocal Safety Glasses z87 for Men and Women for Night Driving and Riding



Composite frameComposite lensnon-polarizedLens width: 60 millimetersYELLOW NIGHT VISION LENSES: Yellow lenses reduce the halo effect around lights at night. They also enhance colors at night and sharpen vision. You will often find Shooting glasses with yellow lenses to help increase contrast and clarity. Yellow glasses are excellent for motorcycle riding and cycling at night.TR90 SUPER DURABLE THERMOPLASTIC FRAMES ? This proSPORT Bifocal reading sunglasses are made of TR90 thermoplastic. This revolutionary material TR90 frame is a Swiss technology that offers outstanding properties such as extreme stress and crack resistance, flexibility, lightweight and an incredibly smooth finish. They are also extremely heat resistant, so you don’t have to worry about wearing them melting, getting sticky, or getting too hot under the sweltering sun on the beach.ANSI Z.87.1 SAFETY LENSES ? No matter what you plan on wearing these bifocal sun readers for, eye protection should always be a priority. ?These lenses are constructed of safety rated ASIN Z87.1 impact resistant thermoplastic that is virtually unbreakable and extremely scratch resistant. Have you tried to break a CD (compact disc) before? It can??t be done! ?CDs are made of polycarbonate. The bottom line is, your eyes are worth every penny you spend on.180 WRAPAROUND PROTECTION: In order to block UV rays, wind and debris from all angles, you need sunglasses with full wrap protection. ?If the sun is behind you, flat lenses don??t block UV rays that bounce off the inside of the lenses into your eyes. Flat lenses also don??t seal out wind that can dry out your eyes or debris that can cause temporary blindness. ?So, wrap around frames offers protection that keep your eyes comfortable.NEAR INVISIBLE BIFOCAL LINE: ?Everyone will need to wear bifocal eyewear at one point in their lives. But do you need the whole world to notice the unsightly bifocal lines? The magnified reading area is injection molded, which means you can??t feel the line on the front of the lenses. The front of the lens is smooth, like nothing is there. ?So the bifocal line is nearly invisible. It??s visible from the back of the lens, but not so much on the front of the lens. So, stay smoooooth!Show more


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